Ceilings & Floors | Dublin from top to bottom with Emily Westbrooks

Those who've read Issue 7 will be familiar with Emily Westbrooks, writer, blogger and resident of the wondrous city of Dublin. Today Emily has stopped by on the blog to take us on an extra special tour of her beloved city not seen inside the magazine. Take it away Emily...

I've never been the biggest fan of museums and history exhibitions, but living in Dublin has certainly changed that. The museums here are free (just not open on Mondays), which means you can pop in for a quick visit without feeling like you have to see every inch. But as an added bonus, they offer some of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the city. I've been known to spend more time gazing at the ornate ceilings and snapping photos of my feet on the patterned mosaic tile floors than at the actual exhibits! Now, in each city I visit, I make sure to look up and down to see what the other views have to offer.

Here are some of the best ceilings and floors you'll find in Dublin:

The National Museum of Ireland, Kildare Street The National Museum of Ireland on Kildare Street focuses on Irish history through archeology. It's the home to several "bogmen", people who were found after being preserved in peat bogs. They still have some of their clothing and hair intact! But the big domed ceiling and patterned floor, with mosaics depicting Greek mythology, in the entryway might stop you in your tracks.

Dublin City Hall (This one has a small fee for entry) Dublin City Hall holds an exhibition that shares the history of the capital city from 1170 to today, and the classic Georgian ceiling and mosaic tiled floor filled with flowers, shamrocks and images of Dublin Castle are well worth a visit.

The National Library Technically, you need a reader's card for entry into the National Library, but there are tours available for the public every Saturday at 2:30pm. Inside the main reading room, the domed ceiling is painted in shades of turquoise, which is especially striking against the dark wood bookcases and desks. The grand setting will certainly make you want to crack open a book!

EMILY WESTBROOKS writes about life, travel and DIY projects on her blog, From China Village.