Things to wake up and WIN (closed)

We're giving away 8 fantastic prizes from this month's wake up and want wishlist inside Issue 7. Read more about the prizes below or enter here now!

Leaf impression plate | £13 | Yaela Studio

Impressed by hand with a grape leaf before another speckled texture was added, this plate is beautiful to look at.

Cake tins | £25 | Cotswold Trading

How could you say no to a piece of cake delivered by one of these three charming characters? Design by artist Tom Frost.

Pipe lamp | £69 | Bodie and Fou

House Doctor DK's pipe lamp mixes luxe with industrial to create an eye-catching statement piece.

Ceramic mug | £23 | Dawn Dishaw Ceramics

The pattern on this mug is hand-drawn and inspired by the rich patterns of Persian paintings

Harvest mugs | £16 each | Darling Clementine

Make the first drink of the day even more appealing supped from these bone china mugs

Dancers tea tray | £24 | Depeapa

Veronica de Arriba's illustration reminds us to banish the morning blues and get up and dance.

Pure Nature stool | £105 | Idyll Home

Bring a touch of rustic charm to the breakfast table with this wooden stool.

Kuppila tray and greeting cards | £36 | Polkka Jam

Serve up a reviving brew on this tea-themed tray.

CLICK HERE for a chance to win this amazing collection of prizes!

*Our wake up and want wishlist was complied by WILL TAYLOR