Homemade sweet recipes

Clear an afternoon, you're going on a confectionary adventure! We've found four homemade sweet recipes. 'Fruit pastilles aren't tricky to make,' says Annie Rigg, author of Sweet Things, whose recipe is featured in the June issue of The Simple Things (p112). 'All you need is a sugar thermometer, heavy based saucepan and an hour.'

If you've tried your hand at these already, you probably want to make more. Go Willy Wonka and turn your kitchen into a candy production line with our top picks for homemade sweets from around the web.

Red candy apple slices

red candy apple slices

Let's kid ourselves these aren't all bad, shall we? Recipe here.

Microwave salted caramels

microwave salted caramels recipe

Yes, you read that right - salted caramels you can make in the microwave. This could get dangerous... Recipe here.

Homemade sweet tarts

homemade sweet tarts recipe

We love how cute these look all wrapped up and ready to go - recipe here.

Homemade marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows recipe

Easy to make, apparently, and can be flavoured with anything that takes your fancy. Let's give it a go. Recipe here.


Turn to page 112 of June's The Simple Things for a homemade fruit pastille recipe (buy or download now).