Meet The Amazings

As one of the most overused words in the English language, you could argue the term ‘amazing’ has lost some of its sentiment, but not when it comes to this truly incredible group of people...

Like something out of a marvel comic, The Amazings have been brought together for their invaluable set of skills in order to pass on what they know to the next generation. They are doing this by providing us with courses and classes ranging from the classic to the curious, with lessons in woodturning, bookbinding, interior design, and even perfume making available in and around London.

without colour we are lost

The Amazings was born out of a simple idea. Society has always learned from its elders. But along the way that connection between generations is often lost – which means sometimes losing rich, valuable, and rare skills. Skills such as those of Christina, The Amazing's resident interior designer, who has spent the last ten years creating beautiful spaces for people to live in with a focus on colour, attention to detail, and the notion of space.

Christina, Interior Designer from The Amazings on Vimeo.

One off classes start from as little as £15 and what’s more, the team are offering 20% off all courses until 7th January, simply enter the code ‘FacebookHQ’ at the checkout when you visit The Amazings’ website. So perhaps this year we should all try something old, to learn something new!

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