Two Thirsty Gardeners: homebrew bottle label templates to download and personalise...

Two Thirsty Gardeners Bottle Labels featured image

As you'll have guessed from the previous posts of our guest bloggers, Rich Hood and Nick Moyle, aka Two Thirsty Gardeners, are just that – they started home brewing and then got an allotment, which saw the duo start to explore growing their own fruit and vegetables, to use for wine, beer, cider and vodka, in addition to preserving and cooking!

What may be more surprising is that Rich and Nick are actually graphic designers of some repute so it was natural that when they'd successfully brewed their own, they wanted to make it extra special. This week they're offering you these free, downloadable bottle label templates, which you can personalise, print out and adhere to your own home-brewed tipples. Perfect for turning your brewing masterpieces into Christmas or birthday gifts...

Simply download the PDF, add your own name to the document and print off for colourful liveries to enhance your bottled beverages.

Nick and Rich are working their way through labels that correspond with recipes in the Brewing Shed section of their own blog, but say that if you’ve got an urgent need for a particular label design, then drop them a message or leave a Comment at the bottom of this page (log in or Register, it doesn't take a mo') and they’ll see what they can do…

Elderberry wine label:click here to download.

Plum wine label:click here to download.

Raspberry vodka label:click here to download.

Rhubarb wine label:click here to download.

Sloe gin label:click here to download.

Two Thirsty Gardeners Sloe gin label example

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