The Best Of British: Dents gloves, 235 years of style...

Dents Gloves battenberg image In the run up to Christmas, we're going to be looking at British companies who have survived and prospered by continuing to produce excellent quality, stylish and practical clothing that, whether you're buying them as a gift or treating yourself, bring a real sense of enjoyment to each and every day.

First up, we're going to look at Dents, a resolutely British company whose beautiful gloves have been the top choice for everyone from Queen Elizabeth II, who wore a special pair at her coronation, to Daniel Craig in the latest Bond film, Skyfall.

Pictured above, clockwise from top left, are:

Dents John Dent and John Dent Jr

Dents was founded in Worcester during 1777 by John Dent, who was shortly joined by his son, John Dent Jr, at the age of just 15. During the 19th and early 20th Centuries, Dents' superior products stood out among the many glove-makers around the globe, thanks to their "secret fit", a very fine stitch size and only the best materials. The company was a major global exporter and manufacturer, with factories in England, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

Dents glove factory, Belgium, 1913

Dents' insistence on quality helped the company to endure as the 20th Century progressed, and changing social mores meant that, like hats, it was no longer de rigeur to own a range of gloves for different occasions.

Dents gloves advertisment 1925

Thankfully, Dents are still based in Britain, and when we visited their headquarters in Warminster, Wiltshire last week, we were still bowled over by the range, quality and style of the gloves and other products on offer. Dents' Heritage Collection is still made by hand in the Warminster factory, and there are 32 different stages before each pair is finished. The techniques employed have hardly changed since the introduction of mechanical sewing machines in 1845.

We bought a rather lovely pair of black leather gloves during our visit to Dents, and they'll probably last us a lifetime. The fit is excellent, as Dents still use proper individual glove sizes, and the sheer quality make them a pleasure to wear!

Dents Gloves Sally factory

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