Sunday Love: a pub, a pint and a good walk – share your tips!

A pub a pint and a good walk featured image If you've picked up Issue 3, you'll have read our exploration of one of the finest pleasures that Sunday has to offer, namely a relaxing walk through beautiful countryside, followed by a pint (or two) of real ale at a traditional pub. And if you haven't got Issue 3, you can take a sneak peek here...

Now we really want to know what are your favourite Sunday combination of walking route, traditional pub and real ale. If you can spare a couple of minutes to let us know, by leaving a Comment on this blog post, then everyone will reap the benefit of your insider knowledge – after all, Sundays are for sharing!

Where is your favourite walk (maybe it's on and is there a 'do not miss' view that we really shouldn't miss? Any wildlife to spot?

What do you love about the pub you end up at, and where is it (it may be on Are there any ales we should be trying when we get there, and what's so special about them? How about tasty homemade bar snacks or an especially good Sunday lunch?

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