Try unplugging

lets-unplug-Pecklife Unplug for one day each month. Sounds a little scary, doesn't it? Blogger Emily from Peck Life says it's worth it.

How often do you check your phone each day? How long do you spend Tweeting, or surfing the net? When we stumbled upon Sarah's project to 'unplug' herself for 24 hours once each month, it got us thinking. How difficult would it be to go a day with no phone, email, social media, no TV?

And would we see any benefits?

Sarah says that unplugging helped her to feel more present and really connect with what she was doing, not to mention giving her a whole chunk of time back! Pop over to Peck Life to read all about her experiment.

Has anyone else tried going 'unplugged'? Share your experiences with us below!