Slow holidays with Inntravel

Cycling in Sicily Holidays are meant to be relaxing. We don't know about you, but we're big advocates of taking a little extra time and making the effort to turn something ordinary into something special and personal.

That goes for what we eat, how we shop and approach our days. It also goes for how we spend our holidays. When work and family life is crazy, nothing is better than escaping the real world for some R&R.

One idea we like are 'Slow Holidays', by our friends Inntravel, which aim to let you 'see more, discover more, remember more'. Ahhh, sounds bliss!

slow holidays

Slow holidays are not about following the tour group, but carving your own way, immersing yourself in another way of life, exploring and taking your own time - no matter whether you're after a hike in the Himalayan foothills or a gentle cycle round little villages in Europe. With detailed guidance from Inntravel’s notes, you’re free to go entirely at your own pace, and to unearth some enticing little finds along the way.

What is your idea of a slow holiday? We'd love to hear!