Go wild swimming

wild-swimming The activity that has everyone buzzing this summer is wild swimming. For those of you who haven't heard of it, wild swimming is simply taking a dip in natural waters: rivers, lakes, hidden pools - you get the picture.


We were initially a little sceptical, as our knowledge of secluded, idyllic waterways is limited to say the least. There's a river outside our window, but it's in the centre of town, so stripping off for a dip seems rather inappropriate.

Luckily, we found wildswimming.co.uk. This handy website has a section on the best places to go wild swimming all over the UK, as well as a guide to getting started, including safety issues, what to wear, what to bring and so on. Useful, right?


If you're feeling really inspired, Wild Swimming have a range of books and apps available. Their latest offering gives the low-down on Wild Swimming in France, where the weather is warmer and there's almost no chance of bumping  into someone you know. So there's no excuse not to get exploring!