Design your own fabric at Spoonflower

spoonflower-fabric What do you get when an internet geek marries a crafter? Well, in the case of techie Stephen Fraser, you get Spoonflower, an online fabric shop with a difference.

At Spoonflower, users create their own custom fabrics, and then sell their designs in the Spoonflower marketplace. There are too many gorgeous, unusual designs to mention here, but top marks for creativity go to The Boer War for their hand-painted flower and veggie print, and Weaving Major's floral fabric using real pressed flowers.


If you need convincing further that this is a totally genius idea, pop over to the Spoonflower blog to see what crafters have been stitching up with their fabric. Our current favourite is a sundress sewn from fabric printed with an old beach snap from Hello Beautiful blogger Emma. Surely the best way to show off your holiday pics, right?