Bake a chocolate beetroot cake

chocolate beetroot cake recipe

How pretty is this cake?

Blogger Joy the Baker has sidestepped unnatural dyes and the like and still managed to bring us a confection the colour of which is rarely seen outside of a sweet shop. Her secret? Beetroot.

Joy’s recipe for chocolate beetroot cake with cream cheese icing includes grated beetroot to keep the texture moist and the colour bright. The taste, Joy assures us, is sweet-but-not-too-sweet and absolutely, definitely, not like a salad!

chocolate beetroot cake recipe

It is worth bearing in mind that beetroot is messy though, so don some rubber gloves if you don’t want your hands to look like Miss Piggy for days afterwards.

Of course, you can leave the beetroot out of the icing if you want to keep it classy and cream-coloured, but we think that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional touch of kitsch, especially when it comes to cake!