Spell it out with Scrabble tile magnets

DIY Scrabble magnets Vintage Scrabble tile magnets - why haven’t we seen this before?! Like those garish plastic letters that have for so long adorned our fridges, except more laid back and much, much cooler.

If you fancy making your own, visit The Ginger Penny Pincher for the simplest how-to ever.

We were so excited by this revelation, we had a hunt round the internet for more Scrabble-design fun and it turns out that those crafty folks at Etsy discovered the retro appeal of vintage scrabble tiles long ago.

Offerings range from jewellery to wedding favours to wine charms, but top of the crafters is Cool Boy Creations, who has knocked up a whole range of Scrabble tile coasters with quirky messages. Our pick of the slogans? The nerd set. Get your geek on!