Food on the face: natural skincare recipes


Our gardens and fridges provide skincare that’s healthier, cheaper and more natural than anything we could buy. Try these natural skincare recipes.

Recipe: Brazilian cake – Broa de Fuba

brazilian cake | the simple things

Tonight’s the night! Let’s celebrate the FIFA World Cup Final in a very British way. Tea and cake, anyone? Brazilian cake, of course!

Making: Upcycled jeans runner

upcycled denim runner | the simple things

Give an al fresco meal the stylish setting it deserves. Turn a picnic into an occasion with our upcycled jeans runner project.

Recipe: Elderflower champagne

emma bradshaw

Read our feature on ‘posh squash’ on page 35 of June’s The Simple Things? Get picking elderflowers before the season’s out, and use them to make this simple elderflower ‘champagne’ from blogger, Emma Bradshaw.

Remember the moment: Map makes

map garland

As part of our campaign to savour holiday memories, we celebrate the humble paper map with a selection of map makes. Join us on a road trip – no satnav required.

National Flower Arranging Day

national flower arranging day

Today is National Flower Arranging Day, not that we need an excuse to make up a beautiful bouquet of our favourite spring flowers

A project for the weekend


Peg out proudly with this burlap peg bag – made by you! If you manage to even find your peg bag again after the winter, the chances are it’s probably grown a bit of mould or acquired a rather unpleasant damp smell.  Before you go out and buy another one we’ve got the perfect project… Continue reading

3 tips for small business success


You’ll never guess number 3… Nick Cooper, the creative force behind successful small business Stamp Shoes, shares the top 3 things he’s learned from setting up his own bespoke shoe workshop. NICK COOPER, founder of Stamp Shoes, lives in Northampton and creates beautiful bespoke footwear from his own designs. After my religious studies degree I… Continue reading

Make your own simple spit


    In the new issue (on sale 30 January), our adventurous River Cottage chef Gill Meller wraps up warm and prepares fire-roast leg of lamb. But first you need your fire – and something to roast it on. Gill used an old estate railing he found but for those of us not so lucky, click… Continue reading

Etsy Christmas table

Etsy Christmas Table

Want to make your own christmas table a little more creative this year? Seek out handcrafted products from Etsy and let your imagination fly. Christmas Table curated by The Simple Things Online marketplace Etsy asked us to be one of the first UK partners to curate our finds through Etsy Pages. Click on any of the… Continue reading