Recipe: Basbousa

basbousa blog

In this month’s Seed to Stove, Lia Leendertz is prettifying salads, desserts and even drinks with edible flowers. Follow her instructions for crystallising rose petals (page 42), then use them to top Basbousa, a Middle Eastern rosewater-scented cake.

Food from afar: Bomboloni

Bomboloni blog

Bomboloni: delightful to say, even more delightful to eat. And possibly even onomatopoeic, if you attempt to exclaim “bloomin’ lovely!” while you’re eating them! Doughnuts fulfil a basic human craving the world over and countless countries have their own spin on them – there’s the French beignet, the Turkish tulumba and the Israeli sufganiya to name but a fraction…. Continue reading

Recipe: Brioche hot cross buns

Brioche hot cross buns | The Simple Things

Get everyone’s favourites on the table with our laid-back Easter brunch, featuring a new take on an old classic: brioche hot cross buns

Recipe: Dark chocolate and raspberry tarts

recipe for dark chocolate and raspberry tarts from the Simple Things magazine

With four cake and biscuit recipes to choose from, April’s issue of The Simple Things is a baker’s dream come true. Want more? These dark chocolate and raspberry tarts are pastry perfection

Recipe: Make Madeleines for Mother's Day

Madeleines recipe, The Simple Things

Make your mother’s day with a batch of madeleines, fresh from the oven, with our recipe 

Hooray for pancake day


Shrove Tuesday never tasted quite this good before.. We’re not going to approach Pancake Day in a halfhearted manner. Why settle for lemon and sugar when you can dress up your crepe with this continental take on a classic English treat? Rhubarb and Custard Crepes Ingredients 800g pink rhubarb 120g caster sugar 120ml water 140g… Continue reading

Have hot chocolate, will travel..


There’s no better place to enjoy hot chocolate than in the great outdoors If you’re heading out for a walk this weekend, make sure you take a flask of something hot and yummy. We’ll be making this delicious hot chocolate recipe from River Cottage chef, Gillon Meller. Best cooked on an open fire. Real hot… Continue reading

Friday night food


Try Koshari, Egypt’s favourite street food – just add a beer and a good film. Koshari is the closest thing that Egypt has to a national dish. Cheap, filling and convenient, it not only uses up all your leftovers but, also, delightfully, defies all modern-day nutritional wisdom, insisting as it does that you can have… Continue reading

Herbal remedy


Use fragrant winter herbs to liven up your soups and salads In this month’s Seed To Stove Lia Leendertz is making mouthwatering meals with her favourite trio of winter herbs, chervil, parsley and coriander. Try this Middle Eastern-style salad packed with punchy flavours – the perfect weekend lunch. Serve with fluffy homemade pitta (super easy… Continue reading

Zingy sorrel soup

Sorrel is one of those herbs that’s not as well known as it should be. It’s easy to grow, will come back year after year and tastes utterly delicious – a sort of zingy, lemon flavour that works just as well in savoury dishes as it does in sweet. If you don’t grow it yourself,… Continue reading