Recipe: Garlic potato salad with lemon creme fraiche

potato salad recipe | the simple things

Reinvent the picnic for the modern world with made-to-be-mobile dishes, such as this potato salad recipe. A garlicky mustard kick rescue potatoes from potential blandness.

Recipe: Sweetcorn with flower and herb butter

sweetcorn recipe | the simple things

Corn on the cob and butter are the most natural of double acts. Flowers and herbs picked from your plot take this melting accompaniment to the next level in this sweetcorn recipe.

Food from afar: Granita recipe

granita recipe | the simple things

Granita refers to the coarse, grainy texture of this sweet, frozen treat. Delve into the history of the flavoured ice and try your hand with a summery granita recipe.

Recipe: Brazilian cake – Broa de Fuba

brazilian cake | the simple things

Tonight’s the night! Let’s celebrate the FIFA World Cup Final in a very British way. Tea and cake, anyone? Brazilian cake, of course!

Recipe: Peppermint chocolate chip ice cream

mint choc chip ice cream recipe | the simple things

Homemade and anything but lurid, this peppermint chocolate chip ice cream recipe is all grown up.

How to be a mindful eater PLUS three simple tea infusion recipes

mindful eater

Yes, we love food, but it doesn’t always get our full attention. Time to reconnect your mind with your mouth and become a mindful eater.

Pack the perfect picnic


No basket? No problem. Part of the picnic’s appeal is its ad hoc nature, so go with the flow and improvise with our top tips for perfect picnic accoutrements.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Heading to New York City this summer? Seek out Prospect Park in Brooklyn: a masterpiece of landscape architecture at the green heart of NYC’s largest borough.

Recipe: Lemon verbena sherbet

lemon verbena sherbet recipe | the simple things

In June’s The Simple Things, Lia Leendertz picks early-season crops and herbs for that first taste of summer. Turn to page 44 for fresh and tasty home-grown recipes, including this one for lemon verbena sherbet.

Go on a cheese picnic

cheese picnic | the simple things

Which cheeses would a cheese expert choose to have in a cheese-centric hamper? We find out how to compile the perfect cheese picnic.