Inside The Simple Things Issue 7: the Collector

On Facebook and Twitter you've all been telling us how much you enjoy the collector feature inside The Simple Things. We do too. In seven Issues we've looked at all sorts of weird and wonderful collections from radios to valentines cards, and each one has been unique with a special story to tell. This month we take a look inside Michael Tyler's Cuban political poster collection, a series of stunning and powerful images in which artistic freedom meets the struggle for freedom.

1: 'Day of the Heroic Guerrilla', Helena Serrano, 1968 2: 'Day of World Solidarity with Laos', Andres Hernandez, 1972 3: 'Radiant Che', Alfredo Rostgaard, 1969

4: 'America Latina: Week of Solidarity with Latin America', Antonio Perez (Niko), 1968, 5: 'Day of Solidarity with the People of Venezuela', Faustino Perez, 1969 6: 'International Campaign of Solidarity with the People of Korea', Gladys Acosta, 1969.

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