The Simple Things: what you're saying about Issue 3

The Simple Things Issue 3 cover wooden background Our third issue hit the racks on Thursday 1st November and, since then, we've been amazed and cheered by the amount of positive comments that we've received via Facebook and Twitter. Here's a selection of our favourites, do keep them coming, we're always listening!

Laura Taylor: "Picked mine up yesterday, love it! Going to make chocolate truffles this weekend."

Angela Collier: "Got it. Love it. Monthly treat"

Louise Brainwood ‏@ThirtyfiveFlowe: "That'll be my weekend reading sorted"

Karen Peace: "Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I'm loving Issue #3 and I'm going to charm someone with my newfound knowledge of tasseography."

Theresa Coffin: "I love this magazine! Got all 3 back issues."

Emma McDougall: "Just got issue 3, kettle is on, fire is roaring and children are sleeping soundly - nice!"

Aqeela Lindsay: "I bought issue 3 today and cant wait to delve in to it with my cup of tea and a blanket."

Vikki Roberts ‏@VikkiRoberts: "Just spent a glorious hour with issue three this lunchtime. Wonderfully refreshed now."

Kate Toman: "I subscribed before I'd even opened the cover of issue one! Absolutely outstanding, all 3 issues follow me from room to room, even building a bookcase especially to house the whole lot from now until the end of time! Luuuuurve it x"

Lydia Rose Gilroy: "The best magazine to read on a long train journey."

Emma Cossey ‏@emma_cossey: "So, the @simplethingsmag is utterly charming."

Melita Mather: "I'm enjoying issue 3 even more than issue 2. There's something of interest for everyone and beautifully presented - a joy to browse through and read!"

Jane Goble: "I absolutely adore your magazine. Love every issue. Even got my 80 year old father reading it the other day! Best read around. Thank you."

Trina Dalziel: "I had the same experience as Jane, above. My parents came to visit and my seventy seven year old Dad was saying how much he enjoyed it. Previously I've only ever seen him read car and engineering magazines. Perhaps you have an untapped target audience of elderly gentlemen."

Callie Dawes: "I love your magazine, beautiful artwork and quality writing. I can't see anything else out there like it. A subscription is on my xmas list!"

Daydream Designs: "I am a little obsessed with this magazine... a day needed in a country pub with a few glasses of wine, topped with a hot chocolate... read and relax! perfect!

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