Issue 2 : reader photos

readersnapsissue2 It seems that Issue 2 has inspired loads of you to enjoy some simple things this month! We've rounded up the best of your pics to share.

As we get ready for The Simple Things issue 3 to hit the shops (THIS THURSDAY! Put it in your diaries!), we thought we'd gather together all the photos you've been sharing on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to show you.

Our baked eggs breakfast recipe was a big hit, as were our beautiful terrariums! We love seeing what you've been up to, so keep sharing your pics with us.

To all whose snaps have been included (that's you Emma Mitchell, Craig Freeman, Claire Thatcher, Laura Lindholm, Natalie, Kelly Mead, Threads Cornwall, Salt Home and Gifts and Clairey Custard) a great biiiiiiig thank you!