Grab a colour block tote

DIY-colourblock-tote Okay, confession time. We have a whole pile of 'bag for life' bags tucked at the bottom of our cupboards. We buy them thinking 'what a great idea, I can use this forever'. Next time we go shopping, where's the bag? At home. So we buy a new one. Which isn't planet-friendly at all.

We've decided to take the matter in hand and fashion a new shopping bag that we love so much that there's no way we can forget about it, and this colour block fabric tote from Fellow Fellow (guest posted on Say Yes to Hoboken) will do the trick nicely.

It's not simple, but blogger Claire has provided a really thorough tutorial with so many photos it must be foolproof (right?).  The best bit? It's lovely enough to use as a day bag all summer long!