Bake up a storm with Jubilee cakes

jubilee cake If you’re living in the UK, you’ll know what’s happening this weekend. That’s right, Jubilee time! 60 years on the throne for Queen Liz! Street parties! Union flags everywhere! FOUR days off!

Phew. Exciting times. The proper British thing to do seems to be to mark the event with cake, and lots of it.

We’ll be baking up a storm, starting with a Jubilee sponge cake with blueberries and strawberries. Our favourite recipe comes from Edd Kimber, aka The Boy Who Bakes (is that name ringing any bells? Edd’s the man who had us all attempting macaroons back in series one of The Great British Bake Off).


To take along to our local street party, we’ll be trying out these Jubilee cupcake swirls à la The Magenta Cakes Blog. This looks like a super-easy way to achieve Union Jack style icing, but we’ll let you know how simple it really is once we’ve tried it.

Finally, we’ll be displaying our creations in style on their very own cupcake thrones. Or maybe not…


Do you have any impressive Jubilee cakes you’d like to share with us? Pop them on our facebook page for us all to coo over!