Button up a shirt cushion cover

DIY shirt cushion covers Cushion covers are pretty easy to make, right? If you can make anything, you can make a cushion cover. Impressively, Ducks In a Row has managed to simplify the process even further with her upcycled shirt cushion cover DIY.

No fiddling around with zips or buttonholes, no painstakingly hand-stitching the final seam. Just sew around your cushion pad and unbutton! (Pop over to Ducks in a Row for proper instructions, we definitely missed a few steps there...).

DIY shirt cushion covers

These will look fab just as they are, but it's also really easy to make a kids' version. Blogger Chrissann has customised hers by tucking some surprises into the pockets - check out the cute love heart, retro pocket watch or for the more tech-savvy infant, a felt Blackberry!