Become an affiliate

Do you want to make some money from your blog or website? Are you passionate about living the simple life? Then this is for you and it couldn’t be easier.


Every time someone buys a subscription from us you earn £5! Yes five whole British pounds, wherever you are in the world.

To become an affiliate and start earning money all you have to do is provide a link on your site to The Simple Things’ shopping website. When a visitor to your site clicks on the link and buys something from us, you get commission. Simple.

You can promote the link on your site in whatever way works best for you – a link in a blog, a banner, a text ad, or any combination of methods.

How to get started:
We run our Affiliate scheme with Affiliate Window. That means you need to do a bit of paperwork to get started but don’t let that put you off. We have put together a step-by-step guide to make sure it is easy as possible.


Why should I join your affiliate programme?
• Increase your site’s profitability: You’ll earn money for every magazine subscription or single issue sold directly through your actions

• Improve stickiness: Promote special offers to appeal to your visitors.

• No risk: Quick and easy to join. To gain verification, you’ll need to deposit £5 from your credit/debit card, but this will be refunded with your first payment.

• Hassle-free for you: Subscription payment processing, postage, and customer service are all managed by us.

• Trusted partners: Affiliate Window is a market-leading online affiliate network, and is owned by Future Publishing, a publisher of over 60 special-interest magazines in the UK.

How much will I be paid? And when?
You’ll receive fortnightly payment direct from Affiliate Window. At anytime you’ll be able to login to Affiliate Window and check how much you’re earning.

The affiliate programme is tiered, to reward our affiliates with higher sales volumes. Earn a competitive basic commission of £5 for every subscription, with the opportunity to earn more if you sell more!

We also offer 12% commission for every single issue, bookazine or merchandise sale.

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What support will I receive?
Our programme is quick and easy to join, and you need very little technical expertise to get started.

You can pick up text links, ads, and a product feed for from the Affiliate Window network. You’ll also get 30-day cookies, so even if a visitor doesn’t order on their first visit, then you’ll earn commission if they return.

We’ll keep you informed of any promotions, bonus offers, and incentives. All our magazine subscriptions are discounted from newsstand cover prices, and prices include postage and packaging.

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