Roasted strawberry and coconut milk lollies



Wow. When we found this recipe for roasted strawberry and coconut milk lollies we were instantly smitten.

A little while ago, Sprouted Kitchen taught us how to make roasted strawberry ice cream. Kimberley from The Year in Food has gone one better and come up with a lolly version (or popsicle, if you’d rather), which eliminates the washing up and means we can eat these pretty much anywhere. Which is what we’re planning on doing.


Whichever version we choose, we predict this recipe will be featuring heavily in our freezers this summer.

  • Jules

    As a non dairy eating type person these are now top of my list of tasty pudding related items that I can actually eat! Am off out to buy some coconut milk right now! Thanks for sharing :) x

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  • Rosemary

    Oh, yummy!