Vegetable of the month … cucumber


Maybe it’s because we’re so used to just bunging them in green salads. Maybe it’s because they’re simply not that photogenic. Whatever the reason, when we started hunting out cucumber recipes for July’s vegetable of the month, we had much more trouble than usual.

Thank goodness we persevered, though, because we’ve turned up some delicious new cucumber recipes for you to get excited about.


Kicking off our round up is this frankly beautiful cucumber salad from Epicurean Mom. Blogger Katie’s recipe uses crunchy veggies and a light, zingy dressing, then makes it all a bit special with edible flowers.


Secondly we have tzatziki from Pinch My Salt. We’re not sure how to pronounce it and we had to check the spelling twice, but we are very happy eating it. Tangy and creamy, it’s the perfect dipping partner for toasted pita bread and mouthwatering spooned over barbecued meat in a Greek-style wrap.


To finish off, we thought we’d share some cucumber drinks with you. For health-conscious readers, check out Cafe Johnsonia‘s cucumber, melon and kiwi juice recipe. It’s blogger Lindsey’s favourite drink, and boasts an ingredient list that takes care of all of your five-a-day in one fell swoop. Impressive.

For those of you that are less well behaved, we’re also intrigued by Cookie + Kate’s cucumber cocktails. Choose between Cucumber Caipiranha and Cucumber Cooler with watermelon (we’re aware of the excessive amount of alliteration going on in this last paragraph) for a refreshing end to a summer picnic.